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Memor Book for Daniel
Contents collected/gathered between 1975 and 2015
Book compiled and bound between 1 October 2014 and 1 February 2015
Size: 66 x 58 cm (26" x  23") more or less elephant folio format
Weight:6.4 KG
Materials used : Carton, silk ribbons, glue, photographs and Gilcrest paper,
                            spine and covers covered in Nicola's 1970-ies bedspread




For Daniel - Before I forget - 19 January 2015

Top right - Mum on the beach in Tunesia 1971
   Hair bits

19 January 1975 
Birth announcement designed and cut in lino 
by Stanislaw Gliwa

Top right La Courtine Summer 1960
Frankfurt 1970 with Abdallah

Photograph in the Oxford Mail 1975
Helen Turner wrote about the opening of the 
new bookshop Holdan Books

Scharlie in action 1974
First school day