This Wardrobe
contains several shelf compartments:
(With apologies to C.S. Lewis)
Hermes Secondary school exams 1955
Family pages Meeuws-Lindeman-Morales-Yadav-Devi
England-Netherlands-Chile-New Zealand
Thornton's Bookshop / Oxford
and others
La Meuse 


Family pages

Hermes Secondary school exams 1955

The Hague

Garden Faringdon
and images of 
the fields around
Folly Tower
June 2014

For the history and description of this tower go to
The filming of 
a scene in Inspector 
at Thornton's Bookshop


 Thornton's Bookshop
As it was and now

De Monchy school
The Hague
1944 - 1950



Family photographs

Scharlie on  YouTube


Daniel's Memorbook