Our ancestry via the Faber family

Generation of Fifty-four-Times-Great-Grandparents
KADCHA OF THE ISPAHBUDHANIDS  (Wim's fifty-four-times-great-grandfather) was born around the year 150. 

Note: The House of Ispahbudhan or the House of Aspahbadh was one of the seven Parthian clans of the Sasanian Empire.
Like the Sasanians, they claimed descent from the Achaemenid dynasty. They also claimed descent from the legendary
Kayanid figure Isfandiyar, who was the son of Vishtaspa, who according to Zoroastrian sources was one of
Zoroaster's early followers.The family traced its descent back to military marshals (spahbed), and occupied important
offices in the realm. According to a romanticized legend about their origin, a daughter of the Parthian/Arsacid king
Phraates IV (r. 372 BC), named Koshm, married a "general of all Iranians"; their offspring bore the title of
"Aspahpet Pahlav", later forming the Ispahbudhan clan. Through their Arsacid lineage, the Ispahbudhan claimed to
be descendants of the Kayanian kings Dara II and Esfandiyar.Under the Sasanians, the Ispahbudhan enjoyed such a
high status that they were acknowledged as "kin and partners of the Sasanians". Although the hereditary homeland of
the Ispahbudhan seems to have been Khorasan, the family in the course of time came to rule the northwestern quarter
(kust) of Adurbadagan (not to be confused with the namesake province of Adurbadagan). The family included many
powerful men in the Sasanian Empire closely related to the House of Sasan, such as- Farrukh Hormizd, Farrukhzad,
Rostam Farrokhzad, Vistahm, Isfandyadh etc.In 651, the Arabs invaded Adurbadagan, which was the domain of the
Ispahbudhan brothers Isfandyadh and Bahram. Isfandyadh made a stand against the Arabs, where a battle was
fought. He was, however, defeated and captured by the Arabs. While Isfandyadh was in captivity, he told the Arab
general Bukayr ibn Abdallah, that if he sought to conquer Adurbadagan easily and peacefully, he should make peace
with him. According to Bal'ami, Isfandyadh is known to have said that: "If you [were to] kill me all of Adurbadagan
[will] rise in avenging my blood, and will wage war against you." The Arab general accepted Isfandyadh's advice and
made peace with him. However, Bahram, the brother of Isfandyadh, refused to submit to the Arab forces and kept
resisting them. Although, he was quickly defeated by the Arabs, and was forced to flee from Adurbadagan.
Adurbadagan thus came under Arab suzerainty.
Kadcha fathered one son: Oposch of the Ispahbudhanids born about 180 AD

Generation of Fifty-three-Times-Great-Grandparents
OPOSCH OF THE ISPAHBUDHANIDS (Wim's fifty-three-times-great-grandfather) was born about 180 to Kadcha of the Ispahbudhanids [ c. 150 ]5251. Oposch was a Prince des Huns. He is no longer living.
Oposch fathered one son: Ethei of the Ispahbudhanids in 210

Generation of Fifty-two-Times-Great-Grandparents
ETHEI OF THE ISPAHBUDHANIDS (Wim's fifty-two-times-great-grandfather) was born in 210 to Oposch of the
Ispahbudhanids. He died in 275, aged about 65.
Ethei fathered one son: Szemen of the Ispahbudhanids 47th King of the Huns [ c. 240 - c. 310 ] about 240

MARCOMIR DE TOXANDRIE FRANKISH CHIEF ( MARCOMIR ANTHÉMIUS BARTHER DE TOXANDRIE ) [220 - 281 ] (Wim's fifty-two-times-great-grandfather) was born in 220. He died about 291, aged about 71.
Note: Marcomir V des Francs de Toxandrie, Born in 220 - Tongres,Belgique, Died in 281, aged 61. His parents were
Frimutel Francs de Toxandrie, born in 194 , who died in 253 aged 59 and Caesonia Julianus of Rome, born in 200.
He was a Chief of the Francs, King of Ripuaires. First considered as "federates" (mercenaries in the service of the
Romans responsible for defending the borders of the Empire), the Franks settled in 376 in the vicinity of Cologne. In
406 they defend the Rhine from the Vandals. They are allies of the Roman general Aetius against the Huns during the
Battle of the Catalaunian Fields. Around 451, Aetius installed them between Cambrais and Brussels.
Marcomir fathered two sons:
          Chrocus I of the Alemanni [240 - 319] 
          Génébaud ( Genebald, Gunnebald ) I King of the Franks [ 245 - 289 ] 

fifty-two-times-great-grandfather) was born in 245 to Marcomir De Toxandrie Frankish chief ( Marcomir Anthémius
Barther de Toxandrie ) [220 - 281 ] He died in 289, aged about 44.
Génébaud fathered one son: Ragaise De Toxandrie King of the Franks [ 275 - 307 ]